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유겸 (YUGYEOM) - 'FRANCHISE' Dance Visual / Travis Scott, Feat. Young Thug & M.I.A.

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  • 게시일 2021. 02. 17.
  • 유겸 (YUGYEOM) - 'FRANCHISE' Dance Visual / Travis Scott, Feat. Young Thug & M.I.A.
    유겸 (YUGYEOM) - 'FRANCHISE' Dance Visual

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  • SuhaniRashid IGOT7
    SuhaniRashid IGOT7 년 전 +26

    How many international fans are here?? For supporting Yugyeom.

  • Nea
    Nea  +478

    I wish for him to be a judge or coach in a dance competition. Be it local or international. Yugyeom deserves it!

  • 람뵈이아나

    Im so happy he joined this company, he looks like he is actually enjoying his work. And looks completely healthy, amazing

  • Mitsi Ham
    Mitsi Ham  +95

    Am I the only one who wants Yugyeom's crew to be on Street Man Fighter?

  • Excusemin
    Excusemin  +456

    Yugyeom is so underrated. Such an amazing dancer .hope he gets the attention he deserves.fighting❤✊

  • 97
    97  +72

    He’s such a great dancer

  • Miroslava R.
    Miroslava R. 년 전 +3

    yugyeom hasn’t been able to fully show his dancing skills since hit the stage in 2016... this is HUGE for him

  • Hương…
    Hương…  +328

    I can't believe his solo debut is so close. Finally, I can hear his voice and see his face at the same time 😭

  • Ria jana
    Ria jana  +102

    No matter how many times I've watched this I still go DAMNNNNNNN

  • gia kim
    gia kim  +5

    Amo ✨

  • Lia Ahgase

    Yugyeom is really one of the best dancers in this kpop industry

  • hhharleen
    hhharleen  +81

    I come back to this all the fucking time. This is just too good 🥲

  • Zixuan Li
    Zixuan Li 년 전 +1

    AOMG is an IDEAL company for artists for sure. Everyone can show their own colors and do what they want to and like to.

  • KLand🌼
    KLand🌼  +162

    This man is born to be a star

  • bella
    bella  +62


  • New
    New  +7

    Good job ♡

  • ChiM IGot7

    Admit it: Yugyeom is 𝘽𝙚𝙨𝙩 𝘿𝙖𝙣𝙘𝙚𝙧 in kpop industry.. Fighting!

  • L
    L  +51

    How I wish there’s also a “Focused version” because Yugyeom danced so well, as always.

  • Maeva Rita
    Maeva Rita 년 전 +3

    Seeing him dance like this, just really opens up hearts. He’s such a talented dancer and artist. This is all he ever deserved and even more 🙌🏻. Can’t wait for this new chapter 🌼🤙

  • Nicole B
    Nicole B  +118

    Srsly I cannot control myself when kyg smirks THIS BOY CAN DO EVERYTHING HE WANTS WITH ME