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유겸 (YUGYEOM) - 'Love The Way (Feat. 박재범 & 펀치넬로)' Official Live [ENG/CHN]

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  • 게시일 2021. 06. 22.
  • 유겸 (YUGYEOM) - 'Love The Way (Feat. 박재범 & 펀치넬로)' Official Live [ENG/CHN]
    *English and Chinese subtitles are available.
    유겸 (YUGYEOM), EP [Point Of View: U]
    - Track List -
    1. I Want U Around (Feat. DeVita)
    2. Running Through The Rain
    3. 네 잘못이야 (All Your Fault) (Feat. GRAY) (*title)
    4. All About U (Feat. 로꼬)
    5. Love The Way (Feat. 박재범 & 펀치넬로)
    6. Falling In Love
    7. When U Fall

    - more information -
    @ 유겸 (YUGYEOM)
    @ 박재범 (Jay Park)
    @ 펀치넬로 (punchnello)
    @ AOMG

댓글 • 8 984

    JAY PARK  +16

    썸네일 귀엽다~

  • Brownie
    Brownie  +2

    Yugyeom's vocals are no joke, he prepared a lot for this comeback and joining AOMG really showed his true colors. Please continue to support our bad boy Yugyeom! He's shown his colours in dancing but now he's showing his true potential, chuchuchuu

  • Nurfika Osman

    This song was played during Tokyo Olympic's Women's Volleyball match between Korea and Dominican Republic! Wow Yugyeomie wow ! :)

  • Guzman Abby Gail B.

    The fact that this song played on OLYMPICS 2020 IN TOKYO is just sending me different chills hshs

  • 겸디💘

    김유겸씨는 제발 차차말론의 손을 잡고 이런 청량감 넘치는 댄스곡을 많이 만들어주시길 바람니다...너의 베스트는 이런거야 이런거라구...

  • XxxYyyy
    XxxYyyy  +254

    To me yugyeom and jaypark voice just blend perfectly , I'm hoping to see them making more songs in the future! I love their vocals so much.

  • hi • youngjae

    i’m truly obsessed with yugyeom’s singing voice. it’s quite light as a feather and it looks like someone pouring honey into my eyes.

  • Thrynx
    Thrynx  +1

    The amount of promotion Yugyeom has after joining AOMG is insane. He made the right choice.

  • 김토끼
    김토끼  +325

    진짜 소속사 바꾼게 신의 한수다....노래도 너무 좋고 ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ 일케 재능 있는 친군지 몰랐다 ⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Jem🍕
    Jem🍕  +172

    “ if you have a passion for it then it doesn’t matter if you are good or bad because you have passion”

  • Aliseu Jeon

    Yugyeom always gives us what's Best. Thanks AOMG for making YG shine more as an artist. ^.^

  • Lee
    Lee  +122

    Wow, Jay does not age... The man legit looks like he's still in his 20s... Like, how?!?!

  • mickey merry christmas

    갓세븐때 촌스럽던 스타일링 다 사라졌네 대박이다 에오엠지 솔직히 첨에 에오엠지 간다길래 얘네 사람 보는 눈 ㅈㄴ 없네 했더니 원석 발굴 쩐다 노래 개좋네

  • makaylaloveswaffles

    yugyeom’s confidence, charisma, visuals, and vocals have been out of this world for this entire promotion. so happy to see his glow 🥺

  • Cutie Pie
    Cutie Pie  +67

    love everything about Yugyeom..his visuals, his voice, his acting skills and even when he produce his songs. He is a total package

  • GOT7 for 7
    GOT7 for 7  +108

    As a solo artists our boys broke so many records.....just imagine when they CB as a group,it gonna be 🔥💚

  • Zo.
    Zo.   +5

    yugyeom dropped the best album of the decade and dipped. what a king.

  • 일주일내내또이스찜닭먹고싶은사람

    노래 진짜 너무 좋다 .. 올해의 명반 유겸앨범

  • CJ
    CJ  +75

    박사장님이랑 신입사원 겸 둘이 목소리 톤이 되게 잘 어울림. 매력 터짐

  • Woo
    Woo  +1

    aren't we talking about how yugyeom is 23 and jay is 34 and they look exactly the same age