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이하이 (LeeHi) - '구원자 (Savior) (Feat. B.I)' Official MV (ENG/CHN)

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  • 게시일 2021. 09. 02.
  • 이하이 (LeeHi) - '구원자 (Savior) (Feat. B.I)' Official MV
    이하이 (LeeHi), 3rd Album [4 ONLY]
    Streaming Available on :
    2021. 09. 09. THU 6PM (KST)

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  • Chaca Claudia

    This song describes the story of their friendship, complementing each other and supporting each other in difficult and happy times

  • Firass Me
    Firass Me 일 전 +116

    i'm using this as interval while streaming BTBT cuz their collaboration will always b legendary

  • Trapped Bird

    I really admire their friendship making good songs. "Savior" is so wonderful but it's pity that this song has been premiered for 3 weeks and just over 6 million views. The cooperation of LeeHi and B.I is so great and I always expect and support it.

  • Yuvy Psm
    Yuvy Psm 일 전 +59

    AOMG official account is being activated again. Let's support this two talented artist!! Hayi and Hanbin you both worked well!!

  • aplooploo

    I love this song so much. I met someone who was like the B.I to my LeeHi; I got along with her easily and I learned so many things by her side. At first, because we were kind of different in personality, we truly did ruin each other. We tended to clash and metaphorically leave each other in the rain. But as time grew, we couldn't seem to leave each other alone. Later, it became clear that I had become the Lee Hi in our story, I was the quieter; weaker of both us, I always leant on her and I had more insecurities of my own. Yet she never gave up on me, she shouldered the weaknesses I had, marking the red on her own face, even when the nosebleed of mine had gone far beyond what video said. Despite the rain above me. She stayed, holding that umbrella. Up until now, I don't understand how she would choose to stay with me, or what she saw in me in the first place. But I know now, I can't live without her. I owe her so much, and truly, she has a piece of my heart, even when I never gave it to her in the first place. It simply drifted towards her. Like it knew it was safe there.

  • 제네마르

    가사 진짜 예술이다. 마냥 사랑해서 좋다~ 행복하다~ 이런 것도 아니고, 사랑하지만 그로인해 고통 받고, 그 사랑으로 또 구원받는다. 진짜...

  • So xx
    So xx  +25

    I can't describe how proud I am of LeeHi and B.I. This friendship is beyond beautiful. I'm just extremely happy and grateful. This song/MV is truly meaningful in every single way. And can we talk about the lyrics...like I have no words. Thank you for this masterpiece.

  • 하루
    하루  +1

    진짜 누구없소때부터 이둘넘좋음ㅠ 목소리 비주얼 다어울림ㅠㅠ


    이하이랑 B.I의 조합을 ㄹㅇ 너무 좋음

  • 15g
    15g  +404

    뮤비가 진짜 묘한 매력이 있음.. 처음엔 어색했고, 어찌보면 유치하게도 보였는데 계속 보게 되는 매력이 있다. 노래도 들으면 들을 수록..

  • mika is gae periodt

    There chemistry, visuals and awesome vocals are the best! This song is bittersweet, idk what's going on with me but I cried :'(( This awesome song became my outlet 👌

  • tttoptier131kon
    tttoptier131kon 14 일 전 +5

    always waiting for another Lee Hi x B.I collab ❤️

  • R.
    R.  +4

    Lee hi & B.I is really making everyone’s day better with their angelic voices without even realizing it.

  • imaaahhh
    imaaahhh  +539

    I don't want to be greedy but you know what else we need? Lee Hi x BI x Epik High.

  • farhana sharmin

    i guess a true friend is the friend who is not ashamed of accepting in front of the world that u r his/her friend even though he/she knows he/she can get a lot of hate for this .

  • 곰돌이
    곰돌이  +382

    내가 이렇게 가사에 꽂힌 게 처음임

  • cotton myeon01

    currently watching lee hi videos and it’s so hard to choose favorites, they’re all so beautiful

  • 최강샌즈

    다른 노래들과 달리 지루한 부분이 없다. 하나하나가 킬링포인트고 깊은 뜻이 담겨있는 듯한,,,,

  • 1 KYNE
    1 KYNE  +2


  • Alex Kim
    Alex Kim  +158

    이번 앨범은 그냥 음원으로 돌렸을때도 좋긴 했는데 뮤비랑 같이 들었을때 진짜 완벽함.. 머리어깨무릎발도 미쳤고.. 그냥 이하이 폼이 미침