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sogumm (소금) & 임금비 (Keumbee) - ‘Kissing’ Official Video [ENG]

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  • 게시일 2022. 03. 16.
  • sogumm (소금) & 임금비 (Keumbee) - ‘Kissing’ Official Video
    *English subtitles are available.
    DS [소금비 (Salt Rain)]
    - Track List -
    1. Waters of March
    2. 소금비 (Salt Rain) (*title)
    3. Kissing


    - More Information -
    @ sogumm
    @ 임금비
    @ AOMG

댓글 • 87

  • Reggie San Miguel

    sogumm and Kuembee with some lo-fi goodness, hope people don’t sleep on the album they just released.

  • SumRigs
    SumRigs  +19

    Sogumm's voice is so soothing 😍😍😍

  • 코탱탱
    코탱탱  +97

    초딩때 영어 교과서에 나오는 사람들같다

  • Fransisca Devita

    Love the chill song and the unique colors of sogumm and geumbi. The old style video is so special too 😍😍💚👏👏

  • Moitree Mahanty

    Such a lovely vibe....

  • Bluein healing

    Omg this song is so so good!!!

  • Devika
    Devika  +13

    Falling in love with you was so easy Sogumm, and I am never gonna regret it

  • MaiaThalia

    Love the vibe of this song <3

  • Patricia Orlantha Nathania

    this video concept suit sogumm so well

  • Jon O
    Jon O  +2

    Sooo good!😌✨

  • I B
    I B  +4

    I love her voice and her music so much

  • Claud9_IntheAlmostSphere

    That mv was awesome!!! I loved those retro vibes! It brought me back lol sogumm back at it again with another bop! I love it!

  • love Ya yA

    역시 천재 둘이 뭉치면 무드가 달라지잖아 금비님 소금님 만수무강하시고 오래오래 함께해요💌🌞🥀🩰

  • Horya S
    Horya S 9 시간 전

    I really love it the vibe

  • 정상훈

    비트가 통통 튀고 신비한 느낌이여서 정말 목소리랑 잘어울리고 듣기 좋아요 빈티지감성 충만하네요 ㅠㅠ

  • Gladys Salsabila

    OMGG i love thiss songgg 😖😖🤩🤩🥺🥺 THIS SONG SO AMAZINGGG

  • 스누피

    요즘 진짜 맨날 맨날 들어요💟💟 소금비 짱

  • Ratty Mc Fatty

    Ahhh I love this vibe

  • in blue

    I love it