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DeVita (드비타) - 'Bonnie & Clyde' Official Music Video [KOR/CHN]

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  • 게시일 2022. 02. 14.
  • DeVita (드비타) - 'Bonnie & Clyde' Official Music Video

    *Korean and Chinese subtitles are available.

    DeVita, EP [American Gothic]

    🦋Track List🦋
    1. Eat Your Heart Out, Buddy Kane!
    2. Bonnie & Clyde (*title)
    3. Cheese In The Trap (Feat. 박재범)
    4. Superstar
    5. Let u in (DeVita Solo Ver.)
    6. Pine
    7. Bonnie & Clyde (Korean Ver.)


    - More Information -

    @ DeVita

    @ AOMG

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  • lily hyun

    I didn't expect Bonnie & Clyde will be this kind of romantic & soulful song. I thought it would be like a bad ass song. What a great surprise and I really love it! Such a beautiful voice. She looks so good in that suit & skirt.

  • Rebecca Mesfin

    How the hell do i not know her? Why is she not famous? Like Seriously AOMG never disappoints

  • ehuhair
    ehuhair  +280

    I don’t think there’s nearly enough buzz about this release as there should be. What an incredible song. She really does not disappoint

  • Forever A
    Forever A  +994

    Just hearing her sing makes you smile, doesn't matter what the song's about, her voice feels warm.

  • Sun, Your friendly Daycare assistant

    This is seriously so addicting and calming! Words can't express how I feel for this song and I really wish she wasn't this underrated. Love the aesthetics in the music video and love how smooth her voice is. DeVita forever! <3

  • 🐱LEE KNOW🐱 is next big thing in kpop

    OMG DeVita your voice is so impressive ♡

  • I'm trapped in Sangwoo's Basement

    I have no idea who she is, but this song is nothing how I expected it to be lol, and her voice is quite pretty💃💃

  • Colleen James

    This is my first time listening DeVita and I'm so glad I clicked on the video. Her voice suits RnB so much, she is made for the genre. The production of the song is amazing, the strings add a nice touch!

  • horchata mochi

    Her voice sounds so clear.

  • yg enthusiast

    this song is absolutely mesmerizing and i’m so impressed and wowed by the idea of her being both bonnie and clyde in this Mv

  • Quang
    Quang  +8


  • Dossi I/O
    Dossi I/O  +341

    Quite the step up from her debut! Both vocals, visuals and arrangements are steps in the right direction. (Having a video about her, following the evolution is extra satisfying) Let’s go DEVITA!

  • na na
    na na  +774

    한국에 이런 아티스트가 많아져야 한다...

  • Javier DL
    Javier DL 14 일 전 +1

    Definitivamente merece mas reconocimiento, es muy buena cantando.

  • JAM MM
    JAM MM  +53

    I hope they do a vinyl of her album cause I’ll definitely buy it

  • Joshua Zara

    God there's so much soul in DeVita's voice. stop sleeping on this woman yall. I absolutely love her voice so much SUPPORT DEVITA


    this song is so good and underrated!!!!!!! love her voiceeee been listening to it THROUGH THE DAY!!!!!!!! it's so addictinggggg

  • rosie ruby jane

    this video came on my autoplay and I am so glad I found it- IM OBSESSED!! THIS IS A SONG!! hard to find good vocals & a catchy tune in kpop these days. good for this girlie

  • Linda Nguyen

    She’s like an Angel, her voice is amazing!

  • Luca
    Luca  +7

    This should have millions of views, such a great song